Sunday, April 1, 2007

Why this? Why now?

I have actually started blogging back in 2001. Had a lot more time back then. I started with hard coding html, copying layouts from and the Final Fantasy gamers blog rings. Later, I moved on with simple php mysql stuff when I started to help people with their dynamic websites.

After that, I started to blog when ever there is a new blogging software or blogging engine. Really just to try them out, but the sad thing is, the blog entries were never kept together and archived. Now, they are scattered all over the place.

So far, there hasn’t been any blogging solution that really fits my needs. The need to have a place to dump all of my daily info, thoughts, files, schedules, emails, contacts in, and being able to search whatever I want with absolute ease and clarity.

So why this? and why now?

As the information that I would like to record grew over the years, I just decided to have a place to dump them first. Hopefully, after a short while, migrating them wouldn’t be such a big pain. ;-)

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